Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

Salam, dah lama tak post new entry kat website ni..

Anyway lets get to the point


  • Its a COMMUNITY PAGE, just like public forum or in lament term macam kedai/supermarket yang mana sesiapa pun leh masuk and post and share and nak jual ke nak bagi service ke nak berkhidmat dsb
  • Selfsustain and maintain by people who join and active in the PAGE.
  • Very effective tool for you to do your marketing, public announcement and whatever you feel like to.. of coz be polite and no nonsense post please.
  • To join click LIKE on FB link in left panel or go to http://www.facebook.com/DataranOtomobil


  • Initially created to share information and news update related to DO development back in 2008 till we all get CF (end 2010)
  • Once get CF we discuss what things need to be done upon get the keys, the fees, the grills, the agreement, tenants, faulty, reports etc etc
  • As at 2011, this group consist of owner/agent and people that CARE about DO futures and become exclusive ONLINE DO community, where we discuss about place to eat, food, environment, community activities etc.
  • Special privileges also given to any SHOP owner to communicate with DO resident directly within (all advert MUST be post in DOC file)
  • This group are by invitation only.


To ensure your advertisement or post being track and people aware of it, start using DISCUSSION (in FB PAGE) and DOC FILE (in FB GROUP) where you can directly interact with customer and having good/bad feedback from your service.