We need more author to post on behalf of Dataran Automobil Citizen! 🙂
If you think you would like to grab this opportunity (and know what will benefits you in long run) i welcome you.

– must be Dataran Automobil Citizen lah…or live/buy/rent this area
– you write and post what interest you only (games/car/audio/video/cinemas etc)

– you are mod for post and possible forum
– you can put your adv
– you are part of virtual-ajk-DA-community for events and ceremonies
– you the first to get info for discount/voucher
– you can start gossips (forum only ahh… the off blognews for off news only)

Other than that we havent think serious yet. This will be the first phase only.
2nd phase we will plan for fulll fledged community enterprise portal. Wow that sound too big. Hehe, more toward personalized and web 2.0 features.

The most important things that we would like to do is the have photo session for the first batch of Dataran Automobil citizen.

Thats all for today.