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Salam and Welcome,

Its almost a 2 year I purchase Dataran Otomobil domain ( 14 May 2008) solely purpose to track my apartment progress. The development delayed several times, which really “buat aku bengang“.. They said it will finish end of 2008, then Jun 2009, then end of 2009, now they said Mac 2010.

Yet some of the citizen already got their house keys (phase 1 owner) and some already move into the apartment. Congratulation whomever “rasmi” kan dulu.

So Im really looking forward to step into my first house/apartment. Already bought several deco items throughout the year waiting (tah mana la aku taruk/simpan).  Yet not everything we plan goes as plan 🙂 – “Ada hikmah disebalik kejadian

If you notice for the last few weeks I toying around the website/blog look n feel. Thanks for all the suggestion emailed. There goes January 2010 task list

  • Logo – temp logo created to replace text
  • Background – brick image = feel like home? hehe
  • Footer – 4 side column to give main page more space
  • Recent comment – comment by names instead by topic
  • About – brief info about Dataran Otomobil (click “About”)
  • Contact page – one way to contact me
  • Gallery – popup flash page, more presentable
  • Twitter/FB link on side bar

Hope you guys like it. Feel free to email to dataranotomobil[at] or contact us OR leave a message by clicking here.

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57 Replies to “Blog Facelift”

  1. masa mula2 nak jual ritu cakap 2009 bleh siap..
    skang da 2010..
    betul3..tunggu cukup 3 taun nanti claim..

  2. claim je kt developer kalo dh 3 thn…
    aku dh buat dh tp smpi skrg x dpt lg calim tu..
    mula2 kata bulan 3
    call lps tu kata bulan 4 lak

  3. tgklah bape hari yg delay..
    mcm aku masa aku g opis tu, dptlah dlm 5+++
    duit gak tu
    tp sblm dpt cek, xleh la nk suka ati..
    dh dpt nanti, br la senyum…

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