Happy Merdeka day,

Hi, im one of citizen of Dataran Otomobil, you can call me Rul (yeah im the admin :P). Recently i went there with my father to see how thing in progress.

Upon arrive their small office, most of the staff i havent seen b4, yeah lots new faces la compare to last time where every weekend got makan2, durian , buffey etc. So, with selamba i ask for kunci to open and see ‘finish’ apartment. (Sorry no pic this time coz i forgot to bring my camera, maybe next time i take pic more details)

So we go up and see here and there, I bought ‘tepi’. So the design a bit beza compare to the showroom last time. The 2nd bathroom is inside the house compare to normal aparment which bathroom outside the kitchen. Oh almost forgot there a red sticker indicate the place checked and tak dibenarkan anymore ubahsuai (iirc). For 4th floor, almost same as the 3rd floor layout but they got small beranda in front door. Alas they might having problem with heat since they near with roof ^_^. But base on landscape of the area, most probly windy. So after about 15 minutes we go straight to the office. I ask them when my block going to finish.

Me: So bila mau siap?
Him: Plan siap Disember 2009
Me: ooo so block saya siap Disember 2009 la, abis skrg brapa percent siap?
Him: Skrg 85%, jalan, finishing je tinggal
Me: So kiranya my apartment saya block 10 tu kira siap la
Him: ya
Me: So what about the last block yg you all kata nak change the 1st floor become aparment also instead of office?
Him: Ya, that apartment belakang is RM150k , kalo yg depan 160k.
Me: (sigh mahal gak), oklah thanks

So me and father borak:

Abah: Hmm leh tahan mahal ye, but tu la mana ada tanah lagi kat shah alam. Kalo nak pun cari la kat jalan kebun ke apa ke.
Me: Hmm sini 145k, kalo kat  tempat lain mau dapat rumah ngan laman lagi
Abah: La.. mana leh compare ni kat bandar, and semua dekat. Yg ada pun nak develop baru tak tau bila.. yg ada pun sebelah ni
(abah tunjuk bangunan sebelah yg tgh develop, ada showroom gak)
Abah: jom gi sebelah sana tgk apa ada

So we went to the next showroom next to dataran otomobil. Its call Mutiara Anggerik – Service Aparment. All i can say, WOW!!!!!!
There 3 type

Type A – 1493ft – RM340,000
Type B – 1188 – RM264,100
Type C – 1,057 – RM264,000

The showroom really beautiful. Well nice place nice price la. Btw its next to Toyota showroom, and possible oilgas station next to toyota showroom according to the sales lady.

Upon going home we stop by at warehouse sales near by, selling mattress & sofa. (bought Simoni pillow worth RM199 outside but sell RM99 there- dunno its true or not buy i need a new pillow)

Anyway comment if u want, or ask me anything so i can ask them later la since my current parent house near by so i can check anytime (weekend only)

If keen to see pic let me know so i bring camera down and took picture, u can request specific picture if u want me to capture/upload. 🙂

So till next time cya