Located next to Federal Highway, exit to Shah Alam. The land used to be concert and carnival fairs around 1990s. I still remember the day when my fama bring us here to enjoy merrygoround, baling2 gelang, rumah hantu (i cried woohh… really scary but my sister relek je)..

Then dunno what happen next, the place no more authorized to held any such entertainment event. Well as we all know, Shah Alam mah… no wayang no snooker place, no ‘lagha’ thing supported by authority. You want entertainment etc etc go KL, Subang, PJ or Klang.

Enough about that.. below location of Dataran Otomobil which currently still under development and expected to fully finish 2009.
Next to Dataran Otomobil, there a very nice looking shop lot which already completed. Will post more pictures soon. Stay tuned.

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